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One of the biggest discoveries of the last two decades is the fact that we live in a spatially flat universe whose expansion is accelerating. This acceleration is consistent with the effect of a cosmological constant, but it may also be caused by the presence of a dynamical energy component with negative pressure, now termed dark energy (DE), or might also point to a fundamental modification of our description of gravity. Dark energy is the dominant component in the universe, significantly more important than the barionic matter, radiation and dark matter. The final explanation for this component will provide fundamental knowledge about the nature of gravity, particle physics and the nature of the universe as a whole.

As recognized by the Dark Energy Task Force (DETF): "...We strongly recommend that there be an aggressive program to explore dark energy as fully as possible, since it challenges our understanding of fundamental physical laws and the nature of the cosmos...." (Albrecht et al. 2006 – Report of the Dark Energy Task Force, arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0609591.


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