Antonio de Ugarte Postigo


Ramón y Cajal Fellow

HETH research group

Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA-CSIC)

Glorieta de la Astronomía, s/n

E18008 Granada


Office: (+34) 958 230 633

Email: deugarte at

Lines of research:

  1. Astronomical transients: Photometry, spectroscopy, polarimetry and multiband study of GRBs, SNe, magnetars, TDEs, etc.

  2. Gravitational waves: Discovery and follow-up of electromagnetic counterparts.

  3. Astronomical instrumentation for large telescopes: PI of GATOS, proposed for the 10.4m GTC telescope. PI of OCTOCAM, being developed for the 8.1m Gemini South telescope. Responsigle for the simulation, procurement and test of the diffraction gratings for X-shooter spectrograph.

  4. Robotic astronomy: Development of hardware and software for robotic observatories.