Martian dust (analogs) in Scattering Laboratory

Laboratory in Institute of Astrophysics? Doesn´t it sound a bit strange? What can be measured there? How can it be applied in Astrophysics? During my CCD talk I would like to respond those and another questions. Firstly, I will make a breve introduction into The Scattering Laboratory called as well Cosmic Dust Laboratory ubicated in UDIT. And then I will talk you about the subject I work on- The Scattering on Martian Dust Analogs. Dust grains play an important role in the radiative balance and dynamics of the planetary atmospheres. Light scattering is a fundamental tool to understand its radiative and dynamical processes. The goal of my work is to study the light scattering properties of dust samples expected to populate the atmospheres of our Solar System. In particular, I will focus in the study of Martian aerosol. Since currently there are many difficulties in studying dust samples directly collected from Mars, the knowledge of light scattering properties of Martian dust analogs is crucial...

19/03/2013 - 16:00
Dominika Dabrowska
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