El cielo oscuro como recurso científico, cultural, medioambiental y turístico

Sevilla, Virtual Format
The sky has gone hand in hand with the development of different civilizations. Before us is poses a major challenge, to join forces to ensure a sufficiently dark sky, for the enjoyment of future generations, and for the scientific development and knowledge, taking care especially the skies of the astronomical observatories, our windows to the universe. The main objective of the course is to update knowledge related to conservation and preservation of the dark sky and analyze this resource from various perspectives: research scientific, legislative bases, public administrations, management projects and initiatives and conservation of the dark sky; The analysis of the sky as an economic, tourist resource will be addressed, heritage and of course scientific. The training proposal goes beyond the mere transmission of knowledge, so the sessions will be interactive, including practical sessions, highlighting the "Guided Tour of the Night Sky", in which an astronomical observation guided by professionals will be made. The training action is aimed at students in the last years of their career, professionals (physicists, chemists, biologists, geologists, environmentalists, doctors, etc.), engineers and technicians, technical staff of public administrations, social and political actors and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.