English for Academic Purposes

19/02/2024 to 23/02/2024
Within the Severo Ochoa Training Initiative of the IAA-CSIC we are offering the 2024 edition of "English for Academic Purposes", imparted by Ms. Marie Waltie of the University of Leipzig. The workshop will be in-person. Key aspects of the use of English for academic purposes will be highlighted and correct usage encouraged. Participants will comprehensively expand their competence in the academic use of English. The course will cover the following topics: • Common Errors in Academic English • Writing up Results and Methods in English • Pronunciation Practice in English • Academic Discussions in English • Presenting your Academic Project in English Fundamental knowledge of the English language as well as high motivation of the participants is a requirement because the course will be interactive. We can accommodate up to 30 participants. In case of over-subscription, we will give preference to students and young postdocs and/or may lead selection interviews. If you are interested in participating, please register before 31 January 2024 indicating whether you are interested in an INDIVIDUAL session of 20-25 min.