The participation of our SIDE instrumentation group in the development of the Focal Plate and Fiber Positioner of BigBOSS

The BigBOSS experiment is a proposed DOE-NSF Stage IV ground-based dark energy experiment to study baryon acoustic oscillations (BAO) and the growth of structure with an all-sky galaxy redshift survey. The project is designed to unlock the mystery of dark energy using existing ground-based facilities operated by National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO). A new 5000-fiber R=5000 spectrograph covering a 3-degree diameter field will measure BAO and redshift space distortions in the distribution of galaxies and hydrogen gas spanning redshifts from 0.2 < z <3.5. The Dark Energy Task Force figure of merit (DETF FoM) for this experiment is expected to be equal to that of a JDEM mission for BAO with the lower risk and cost typical of a gorund-based experiment. This project will enable an unprecedent multi-object spectroscopic capability for the U.S. community through an existing NOAO facility. More info on our instrumentation development for BigBOSS can be found here.


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