Computer Center


The Computer Center (CC) of the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA), is in charge of the management and administration, at computing and communication services level, of the scientific and technological infrastructures for the development of research project and collaboration with companies.

The main aims of the CC are based on the need to create an institutional strategic plan, which allows a proper management of the computing and communication resources in order to develop and justify the research activity of the scientific community. Thanks to the CC, the IAA has been able to consolidate its scientific computing infrastructure and communications.

The main functions of the CC are to provide:

  • Advice for the purchase and renovation of equipment.
  • Support for the users of the IAA.
  • Support of the computing infrastructure for the scientific community of the CSIC.
  • Communication service for the CSIC centres of Granada.

User Support

The CC is responsible for managing the computing and communication services required to facilitate and guarantee the work of all IAA users. Authorized users can report any incident or refer for guidance through the CC Support Center.

Computing and communication services also include systems from different laboratories, as the Sierra Nevada Observatory (OSN). Users can consult any relative information of the available services through the CC Intranet.

Scientific Computing Infrastructure

Imagen del cluster de Alto rendimiento del IAAThe IAA has a high performance (HPC) and throughput (HTC) computing infrastructure which allows the fulfilment of research projects with the needs for computing resources beyond one user or research working group's abilities.
The infrastructure is available to research groups across the spanish academic and scientific community. For more information, please contact with the support group.

Communications Infrastructure

Logo de la Red IRIS NOVANowadays, the IAA is a point of presence (PoP) of RedIRIS-NOVA, the high-capacity optical network of RedIRIS, which connects the regional networks of every autonomous region and the main investigation centres of Spain to the rest of international academic networks.

The experience of the IAA in the communications field has allowed itself become a node of services for other centres. In the present, the CC provides communications service to CSIC centres of Granada and the Institute of Millimeter Radio Astronomy (IRAM).