Andalusia and its role in the discovery of new worlds

Today we know better the geopolitical, economic, military and even religious aspects that led to the discovery and colonization of the New World than the scientists and technicians who made it possible. As then, the search for a "new world" has accelerated in recent years in a field, that of exoplanet detection and characterization, which is relatively young, if we consider that it is only about twenty-five years since the first planet orbiting another Sun-like star was discovered. In this time we have, as a human collective, gone from thinking that our Solar System was unique in the Galaxy to knowing that there are thousands of planets already detected and that there could be billions out there.
In this talk I will present the current state of the science and technique that is making these discoveries possible, which we now see as cutting edge but which will be appreciated as "the best that could be done at the time" by generations to come. I hope that these generations will see these efforts as the first steps of humanity in a desire to travel and explore new worlds and not forced by the state in which we leave ours.
25/02/2021 - 19:00
Pedro J. Amado