Panoptic spectroscopy of our universe with OSIRIS+MAAT at GTC

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MAAT* (Mirror-slicer Array for Astronomical Transients) is proposed as a visitor mirror-slicer optical system that will allow the OSIRIS spectrograph on the GTC the capability to perform Integral-Field Spectroscopy (IFS) over a seeing-limited field-of-view 14.20'' x 10'' with a slice width of 0.303''. MAAT will enhance the resolution power of OSIRIS by 1.6 times with respect to its 0.6'' wide long-slit. All the eleven OSIRIS Grisms and VPHs will be available to provide broad spectral coverage with low / moderate resolution (R=600 up to 4100) in the 360 - 1000 nm spectral range. MAAT top-level requirements will broaden its use to the needs of the GTC community for a wide range of outstanding science topics that covers the entire astronomy given its unique observing capabilities well beyond time-domain astronomy. The GTC equipped with OSIRIS+MAAT will also play a fundamental role in synergy with other facilities operating at the Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos. This 1-day workshop intends to collect the interest from the GTC community on MAAT. We will present the different aspects of the instrument, including science and technical specifications, and an outline of the instrument concept. Everyone is welcome to present key science projects that will encourage and support the development of this new facility.