PLATO MEU PDR Co-location Meeting

07/05/2019 to 08/05/2019
The main objective of this meeting is to complete the PLATO Main Electronics Unit Preliminary Design Review. This review will ensure an adequate baseline of the payload architecture design and interface design towards the units of the PLATO Payload. The PDR includes the unit hardware and the FPGA (hardware and software interfaces). The MEU PDR co-location meeting will take place in Granada the 7 and 8 of May 2019, the registration form will be available until the 26th of April. The PLATO mission aims at detecting and characterising extrasolar planetary systems, including terrestrial exoplanets around bright solar-type stars in the habitable zone, for more information see mission site. The PLATO Main Electronics Unit (MEU) manages a group of twelve telescopes. In total two MEU exists on the PLATO payload for managing all 24 telescopes. Each MEU contains 6 data processing units (N-DPUs) in order to distribute the processing charge. Each N-DPU manages the images from two telescopes interfaced by two SpaceWire links. After processing of data received the processed data products are sent via SpaceWire router to the Instrument Control Unit. The Power Supply Units are responsible for power-on/off and supplying the N-DPUs. The MEU consortium is lead by IAA and it is formed also by IAC, with the industrial support of CRISA-ADS. The IAA develop MEU with the industrial support of TASE.