SUNRISE III Technical Meeting

11/11/2019 to 15/11/2019
The Antarctic stratospheric balloon SUNRISE is a collaboration between Germany, the United States and Spain which carry on board a new technology C/Si C solar telescope (the primary mirror has 1 m aperture and only weights 60 kg). The telescope carries three main post-focal instruments: a spectro-polarimeter, a camera with a universal birefringent filter and a magnetometer. The IMaX magnetometer is entirely Spanish and based on liquid crystal optical retarder (ROCLI) technology, which is also Spanish. It is being developed by a consortium of four institutions: the IAC, INTA, GACE, in Valencia, and the IAA. In this meeting, held at the IAA-CSIC in November 11th-15th 2019, a technical revision of the three instruments of the mission (IMaX+, SCIP and SUSI) will be performed.