The UGR and the IAA-CSIC join forces to collaborate in climate and ecological research in the high mountains of Sierra Nevada

The University of Granada and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), through the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC), have formalised an agreement with the aim of strengthening cooperation in the field of climate and ecological research in Sierra Nevada



The main purpose of the agreement is to establish a general framework of collaboration to coordinate joint scientific activities between the Global Observatory of Sierra Nevada and the Observatory of Sierra Nevada. One of the fundamental objectives is the exchange of climatic information that will be integrated into the ClimaNevada database, as well as the development of infrastructures for the collection of climatic data.

The University of Granada will install cameras to monitor snow cover and vegetation, as well as meteorological sensors in high mountain locations. In addition, it will transfer knowledge and data previously acquired through the design and development of the ClimaNevada application. It will also be responsible for installing a network of micro-stations to obtain detailed information on local weather conditions around the Astronomical Observatory.

For its part, the IAA-CSIC will contribute to the project by integrating historical climate data and data that will be collected in the future through the new weather station. It will also provide access to video camera images that will be used to study the vegetation.

The signing of this protocol represents an important step in the scientific collaboration between the University of Granada and the CSIC, and the strengthening of climate research in Sierra Nevada. Both institutions are committed to working together to advance knowledge of climate phenomena in this emblematic mountain, which will have a significant impact on the understanding of climate change and its implications at local and regional level.




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