CALIFA: The local extragalactic universe unveiled

The Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area survey (CALIFA survey) announces today its first public release of data, offering an unprecedentedly detailed view of one hundred galaxies in the local universe with ample opportunities for scientific study. Together with the data release, two technical publications authored by members of the CALIFA collaboration have been made publicly available, describing the data and showing some of their scientific applications.


NGC 5406 by CALIFA

[CAHA, Almería] Today, the First Public Release of CALIFA (Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area) Survey.

Muestra de galaxias con barra de CALIFA

Color-magnitude diagram of 151 observed galaxies by CALIFA. True color images where generated using B (blue), G (green) and R (red) bands, rebuilt from CALIFA data cubes. Fainter galaxies are placed in left side. Redder and colder are in upper side.

HGC 5406

Scientific result example obtained from CALIFA data: a maps stack from NGC 5406 galaxy. It shows spatial distribution of several properties; from up to down: ionized hydrogen emission, gas speed, stellar population estimated age, and visual band brightness.

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