We are facing the study of the origin of water in the Giant Planets and Titan atmospheres by developing photochemical models whose output will be compared with the data provided by the HIFI (Herschel space telescope, ESA) during 2009 and beyond. Study of the surface, exosphere of Mercury, and their interaction, is being faced since 2007 as new research front. Our involvement in the Bepi Colombo mission will guarantee our success.

As a new research line, we are working on the development of applications for the scientific exploitation of the data provided by the laser altimeter (BeLA) on board the Bepi Colombo mission. This data are related to Mercury geology, geodesy, interior and surface characteristics.

As rather future space missions, ExoMars and Marco Polo must be mentioned. For ExoMars, we are involved in the development of MEDUSA, an instrument that benefits from the heritage of GIADA, whereas for Marco Polo (within the Cosmic Vision 2015-2025 programme) we are involved at the level of Co-PI for the study proposal of the camera system (MPCS).