Active Galactic Nuclei and their large-scale structure: an eROSITA mock catalogue

In the context of the upcoming SRG/eROSITA survey, I will present in this talk a methodology to construct mock catalogs for X-ray selected AGN samples based on dark matter only N-body simulations. With this method, we predict observed AGN magnitudes in the UV, optical and NIR bands, by adopting a set of empirical spectral energy distributions. We imprint the latest eROSITA survey strategy plan to create a high fidelity full-sky mock catalog, showing the expected distribution of X-ray AGN in right ascension, declination, redshift and flux (X-ray and optical).

Using empirical medium resolution optical spectral templates and an exposure time calculator, we find that 1.2e6 (1.1e6) fiber hours are needed to follow-up spectroscopically from the ground all of the detected X-ray AGN with a 4-m (8-m) class multi-object spectroscopic facility.  We find that future small scale clustering studies will measure the bias to the percent level at redshift $z<1.2$ and should be able to discriminate possible scenarios of galaxy-AGN co-evolution.


16/05/2019 - 12:30
Dr. Johan Comparat
MPE, Garching, Germany