SO Web-Colloquia: J-PAS: First light results of the JPCam

The Javalambre-Physics of the Acclerating Universe Asptrohysical Survey (J-PAS) have just started to scan thousands of square degrees of the northern sky with 56 narrow band filters and the JPCam instrument with the telescope 2.5m of the Javalambre Observatory. Before the JPCam started its operation, we have observed with the pathfinder camera one sq. deg on the AEGIS field (along the extended Groth Strip). This colloquium will present the results of the first light of the JPCam, and will show the potential of J-PAS through the analysis of the pathfinder mini-JPAS survey. This data were already public delivered in December 2019, and the paper with presentation of the first results (Bonoli et al 2020) submitted to A&A.

17/09/2020 - 12:30
Dr. Silvia Bonoli
Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), Spain