SO Webloquio: Space Weather in an Era of Innovative Science

The newest generation of solar observational data is allowing a pivot toward making connections in the various solar physics domains and facilitating advanced modeling for space weather conditions and impacts. We study important physical couplings in the solar atmospheric layers, as well as connections from the solar corona through the heliosphere. To advance our understanding of how solar activity and variability impact space weather conditions, improved and novel observations have recently come online from space and from the ground. Magnetism spans time and space, and we know that space weather has its origins in the Sun, but what triggers solar eruptions? The magnetized corona, which is the breeding ground of space weather, is a missing link in our understanding of the Sun-Earth chain. This talk will highlight some of the observations that address this missing link, the science they are enabling, and the implications for space weather forecasting and prediction.

09/06/2022 - 16:30
Dr. Holly Gilbert
High Altitude Observatory, USA