The IAA hosts a conference on the quality of the sky

The dark sky as equity or fighting light pollution constitute some of the axes of the session. The conference seeks to create a meeting place where the various actors involved in the protection of Andalusian sky will exchange knowledge, perspectives and experiences


Tomorrow will be held at the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC), a technical conference which seeks to establish a strategy for joint action among the various regional actors involved in the protection of the sky. The session, organized by the IAA-CSIC in collaboration with the Government of Andalusia, the Provincial Council of Granada, the Starlight Foundation and Descubre foundation, constitute a comprehensive review of the defense of the dark sky from different perspectives, such as the impact of light pollution, the research and development projects to controlit or sky quality as an environmental resource, scientific and economic.

"Light pollution, caused by excessive night lighting or improper lighting, not only affects us -says astronomer José Manuel Vilchez, director of the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA-CSIC.) - The International Association for Dark skies estimated that each year 2200 million dollars are spent on redundant lighting, so that is a terrible waste. But light pollution also affects ecosystems and our own health. "

The impacts of light pollution will be reviewed from three perspectives, that will include astronomical observations, biodiversity and human health. The conference will also host presentations on the dark sky as heritage and as an environmental resource, scientific and economic, as well as the efforts being carried out to preserve the legal framework and initiatives linked to the quality of the sky.

"It is, in short, a meeting that seeks to bring together all actors involved in the regulation and defense of the dark sky not only for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences, but also to begin the outline of a common strategy to steer future activities and projects, "said Alicia Pelegrina, technician of the Sky Quality Bureau at the IAA hosting the meeting.


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