Stellar Variability

This research line focuses primarily on the study of the structure and evolution, through the stellar pulsations (asteroseismology). The asteroseismology group seeks to probe the details of the internal structure
of stars using different observational strategies.

Among the main objectives of this line we can define: a) the study of stellar internal structure through asteroseismologic techniques, b) the exploitation of data from different space missions in progress (MOST, CoRoT, KEPLER) and future (PLATO), c) the implementation and development of  VOTA (Virtual Observatory Tools for Asteroseismology) tool for virtual observatory asteroseismologic models.

In particular, this group maintains lines of theoretical and observational research, as well as instrumental and technological development that address two of the most important physical problems of astroseismology: the impact of rotation on stellar oscillations and modal identification. For this different tools have been developed, including numerical codes of stellar structures, non-adiabatic stellar pulsations and the effects of stellar rotation. We have also developed precision analysis systems for the extraction of stellar pulsation frequencies from truncate time series.