Rules for the use of the clean rooms

  1. The changing room is divided in two spaces, a dirty and a clean one, separated by a red tape on the floor. In order to remove particles from the sole of shoes, users must walk onto the sticky mat when entering from the outside. Once the soles are free of particles, the dirty area of the changing room can be accessed. The user must get dressed here with gown, cap and clogs or overshoes before trespassing the red line.
  2. The dirty area of the changing room must only be accessed with the complete workwear on (gown, cap and clogs or overshoes).


  1. Doors should not remain opened for more time than strictly necessary. More than one door should never be opened simultaneously.
  2. Clean room workwear must always remain inside the changing room or laboratories. Users leaving the white room, even for short periods of time, must take their workwear off. Thus, it is advisable to make a good planning of the entries and outings of personnel and material.
  3. Introduction of material into the laboratories should be limited to strictly necessary. Food is not allowed, neither are drinks, pencils, propelling pencils, rubbers or any other elements that can be a source of residues. All the electronic or mechanic equipment must be cleaned with the mechanic workshop air guns before being introduced into the clean room.
  4. Every access to the clean room must be communicated to his head (Miguel Abril) or, in his absence, to the head of the optics laboratory (Conchi Cárdenas) or the head of UDIT.