The AGN nature of LINER nuclear sources

The origin of the main excitation mechanisms in LINER 
(Low Ionization Emission Line Region) nuclei are
still controversial, with nonstellar photoionization,
fast shocks or hot stars as the principal candidates.
In the AGN scenario, LINERs could represent the link
between more powerful AGN and normal galaxies as suggested
by their low X-ray luminosities. Their interest increases 
as they would be the dominant population of active galaxies 
in the nearby universe. Ou work in X-rays have contributed 
to confirm that a large number of nuclear LINERs may be AGN 
powered. They also seem to follow other relations found for AGN,
towards lower luminosities, both considering the properties of
their MIR continuum and extended Halpha emission at high 
spatial resolution.
20/02/2014 - 13:30
Dr. I. Márquez