The ALHAMBRA survey: First Data Release.

The ALHAMBRA (Advance Large Homogeneous Area Medium Band Redshift
Astronomical; Moles et al. 2008) survey has observed 8 different regions
of the sky, including sections of the COSMOS, DEEP2, ELAIS, GOODS-N, SDSS
and Groth fields using a new photometric system with 20 contiguous, ~300A
width,  filters covering the optical range, plus deep JHKs imaging. The
observations, carried out with the Calar Alto 3.5m telescope using the
wide field (0.25 deg2 FOV) optical camera LAICA and the NIR instrument
Omega-2000, correspond to ~700hrs of on-target science images. The
photometric system was specifically designed to maximize the effective
depth of the survey in terms of accurate spectral-type and photometric
redshift estimation along with the capability of identification of
relatively faint emission lines.

The ALHAMBRA Gold catalogue corresponds to a subsample of ~100k bright
galaxies (+20.000 stars in the galactic halo and ~1000 AGN candidates),
photometrically complete down to magnitude I=23AB, with very accurate and
reliable photometric redshift estimations.

Considering that the Spanish community will have privileged access to the
data until Nov15th 2013, this seminar is intended to be a brief
introduction to the potential (doable) science with the ALHAMBRA-survey.
04/07/2013 - 14:30
Alberto Molino