Analysis of chemical and dynamical processes in the Earth's Atmosphere with MIPAS data

MIPAS is a Fourier transform limb emission mid-infrared spectrometer in Earth orbit. It provides spectrally resolved radiance profiles in the 4.15 to 14.6 mum spectral region from about 5 km up to 70 km (in its nominal mode) and up to 150 km in special observation modes. At IMK and IAA, we retrieve temperature and the distributions of up to 30 trace species from these data, which then are used to study chemistry and dynamics of the atmosphere and monitor global change processes. In my talk, I'll give an introduction to the MIPAS measurements and provide an overview on scientific topics we have been working on so far.


22/03/2011 - 13:00
Gabi Stiller
IMK, Germany