The Earthbound Fate of Meteor Phenomena

Understanding meteor phenomena is essential for promptly and effectively recovering meteorites, predicting meteor showers, studying atmospheric properties, and assessing the threat posed by space objects to both in-orbit and ground-based infrastructure. By observing and interpreting meteor phenomena, we can predict impact consequences and efficiently locate and identify surviving meteorite fragments on the ground. Through dimensional analysis, we have developed a physical model that reduces the number of unknowns without requiring any of them to be preset. This model accurately estimates changes in mass, velocity, and luminosity, while also predicting the duration of the phenomenon. The model has yielded success in studying various meteor events, facilitating the recovery of meteorites such as Annama and Ozerki, and more recently, quantifying meteor phenomena in the atmosphere of Venus. In addition to describing the model, its application is demonstrated using a diverse range of observational data, including larger-scale impactors such as Chelyabinsk, Canyon diablo, Sikhote-Alin, and the Tunguska event.

04/04/2024 - 12:30
Dr. Maria Gritsevich
University of Helsinki, Finland