Gaia mapping mission and science of Solar System Objects

I will present the generalities of the Gaia surveying mission, and current status.  I will then discuss the improvement brought by Gaia over its 5 years and more of mission—starting with DR1—for the science of asteroids and other SSOs; and focusing especially on the astrometry and dynamics of asteroids. After reminding generalities on SSO observations by Gaia - and some of their peculiarities, we present some of the advances obtained from the use of the Gaia catalogues for the calibration and reduction of SSO astrometry. We also illustrate the ground-based activity coordinated by the Gaia-FUN-SSO network for follow-up observations of newly discovered objects, particularly Near Earth Objects. We will also present advances in observations of stellar occultations, and studies of asteroids' dynamic.

05/12/2019 - 12:30
Dr. Daniel Hestroffer
IMCCE - Observatoire de Paris, France