The IAA Cloud Service


The rise in speed of communications and the decline in prices of storage elements, has caused we can put some of our information on the net in order to make it available easily from anywhere. In this sense, it is said that your information is hosted in the cloud. Nowadays, there are several software solutions to sync and sharing files on the cloud, like Dropbox, Google Drive or Sky Drive, among others.

In the IAA, a cloud storage software system has been launched by the Computer Center. This new service is provided by ownCloud, which is an open-source free tool developed in 2010 that allow us to sync, share and safeguard (among other things) one or more folders from our PC on the IAA's ownCloud server (,  and then access it from any location and with any device in a secure form.

The main goal of this seminar is to tell the interested users, how this new service works, how they can access to this service and the particularities to accessing both way web or with a local client.






08/04/2014 - 14:30
Francisco Manuel Bayo Muñoz and Juan José Guijarro Jiménez