JPAS: A survey for Galaxy Evolution studies

JPAS is a survey of 5000-8000 deg2 of the sky with 56 narrow band filters in the Observatory of Javalabre. This survey is very relevant for Cosmology, Galaxy Evolution and Stellar Physics studies. In January 2020, JPAS with its JPCam will have the first light. However, the project has already taken data of 2 deg2 of the sky in two cosmological fields (AEGIS and JWST-NEP). The 2-4th of December will be the first data release (DR1) during the RIA meeting “The Universe in 56 colors: Science with the first J-PAS data".  The data taken with the camera Pathfinder in the AEGIS field will be delivered to the international community.  In this talk, I will present the status of the JPAS survey, and its relevant for Galaxy Evolution studies. Some of the results already obtained from my group will be presented to show the capability of JPAS as a survey for: a) the evolution of galaxy population, and its stellar population properties with redshift; b) detection of emission lines and the cosmic evolution of star forming galaxies; c) spatially-resolved properties of galaxies of the nearby universe; thus, JPAS an IFU survey of low-spectral resolution.  


19/09/2019 - 12:30
Dr. Rosa González Delgado