A Magnetized Jet from a Massive Protostar

Supersonic jets are observed to emerge from a wide variety of astrophysical systems, from young stellar objects (YSOs) to AGNs. Despite their different physical scales (from hundreds to billions of astronomical units), they have strong morphological similarities. However, it is yet unclear whether there is a universal mechanism that can explain the origin of all these jets. Theoretical models suggest that the magnetic field is a fundamental ingredient in the formation and collimation of the jets. In the case of AGN jets, the magnetic field of the jet can be studied through their synchrotron emission. In contrast, in the case of jets from YSOs, their emission is usually dominated by thermal emission, which does not give information about the magnetic field. In this talk, I will present the discovery of synchrotron emission from a YSO jet, which has allowed to study, for the first time, the magnetic field in a YSO jet. Surprisingly, we have found strong similarities with the jets of AGNs, pointing towards a common origin of all astrophysical jets.


10/02/2011 - 13:00
Carlos Carrasco González
MPIfR, Bonn, Germany