Maser emission in evolved stars: from AGB to PNe

I will present a review of maser emission in evolved stars from the
asymptotic giant branch (AGB) to planetary nebulae (PNe). The
circumstellar envelopes of oxygen-rich evolved stars provide optimal
conditions to pump different species of masers, emitting at radio
wavelengths. Interferometric observations of masers are a powerful tool to
study with the highest angular resolution the molecular gas around evolved
stars, because masers are characterized by a high brightness and

In this context, I will present an updated catalog of OH-maser-emitting
PNe. These sources could be among the youngest known PNe and are
potentially key objects to study the early evolution in this phase.
Moreover, I will briefly discuss the observational, instrumental, and
theoretical projects, related to this topic, in which I am involved.


26/01/2012 - 13:00
Lucero Uscanga Aguilera