Molecular spectroscopy at high resolution for everyone

Molecular observations at high resolution is being revolutionized by the success of ALMA and the upcoming advent of SKA.
In this talk I will explain the recent progress in the field of molecular observations in the central regions of galaxies and the big steps that we are currently making in the use and understanding of molecular tracers as a proxy to buried physical processes in active galaxies.
I will show some preliminary results from the ALCHEMI ALMA Large Program aimed at imaging at unprecedented resolution and sensitivity the chemical complexity within central molecular zone of the prototypical starburst NGC 253. I will try to sneak peak its astrochemical value but also to link this study to the understanding of physical properties in distant heavily obscured galaxies as well as those of the center of our Galaxy. I will aim at showing the potential of molecular studies in a variety of astrophysical objects from local galaxies, to high-z, and/or transient energetic events like GRBs.
Not only instruments like ALMA are aiming at becoming accessible to not experts in interferometry but also software tools need to play the same role. I will present the software package MADCUBA that allows to easily analyze complex molecular spectra from state of the art instruments.

23/10/2019 - 12:30
Dr. Sergio Martín Ruiz
European Southern Observatory - Joint ALMA Observatory, Chile