The San Pedro Mártir observatory and its UBVRI photometric survey of Galactic clusters

A short presentation of the San Pedro Martir Observatory will be given including its astroclimatic characteristics and its projects for the near future. I will then present the current status of our ongoing survey aimed at generating a homogeneous catalogue of physical parameters of stellar clusters in our Galaxy. It is expected that this data will allow the study of the properties of the galactic disk more accurately and reliability, helping to attack astrophysical problems like: star formation and evolution processes, dynamical evolution of stellar systems, formation and evolution of the Galaxy, abundance gradients in the disc, the age-metallicity relationship of the Galaxy and the location of the inner spiral arms for example. To this date we have observed, and done a preliminary analysis of, more than 600 open and more than 60 globular clusters.

16/04/2015 - 14:30
Raul Michel Murillo
UNAM (Mexico)