Slender CaiiH fibrils observed by SUNRISE II

The special observing conditions of the SUNRISE observatory allow obtaining observations in the UV with unprecedented temporal stability and spatial resolution. On its second scientific flight, the Sunrise Filter Imager (SUFI) was used to record a time series of narrow-band intensity images in the CaiiH line for approximately one hour at a cadence of 7 seconds. 
This unique dataset enabled us to characterize the morphological properties of 598 slender CaiiH fibrils, like width, length and lifetime. In addition, the fibril tracking algorithm delivered an average backbone of every fibril which allowed for the study of width and intensity oscillations at several positions along the fibril. A wavelet analysis applied to these oscillations reveals their periods, phase relations and the phase speeds. We find that a majority of the fibrils exhibits a clear relation between the width and intensity oscillation which can be interpreted as the signature of a sausage mode and kink mode by the analyzes of the transversal motions.
20/09/2018 - 12:30
Dr. Ricardo Gafeira