SO colloquio: Pulsar astrophysics in the era of large surveys

History tells us that with new telescopes and new data processing techniques come new discoveries and breakthroughs in pulsar astrophysics. Despite nearly 55 years since their discovery, fundamental open questions remain in almost all areas of research. Examples include the birth properties and environments, the magnetic field configuration and evolution, the interactions of the superfluid interior with the solid crust, the processes of recycling through interactions with binary companions, and many others. I will discuss how these questions can be addressed by current and new surveys. In the process, I will talk about the basic concepts in observational radio pulsar astrophysics, and give examples of phenomena we think we understand and others we know we do not. This will hopefully provide some context and motivation for planned surveys of pulsars with the SKA.           

04/05/2023 - 12:30
Dr. Aris Karastergiou
Astrophysics, Dept of Physics, University of Oxford