SO Colloquio: Studies on the origins of our solar system

My goal in this colloquium is to apprehend globally the Solar System by describing a vast sample of small bodies, from Near Earth Asteroids to remote Trans-Neptunian Objects. This goes beyond projects that focused on certain populations only. The core of the talk is theoretical, with emphasis on inner structures and rings. Meanwhile, the stellar occultations by these objects will provide an exploratory route to characterize objects with widely different shapes and densities. The talk is centered in collisional disks and rings. Using dynamics and massive 3D collisional codes, we will describe the evolution of disks around small bodies and their confinement in narrow rings, while tracking the agglomeration of particles that lead to satellite formation in the Roche zone.

13/09/2022 - 12:30
Dr. Bruno Sicardy
Paris Observatory, France