SO Web-Colloquia: Flaring on the Sun at all scales

The Sun shows activity across a wide range of size and energy scales. We shall take a journey from the smallest scale events to the largest energy releases in the solar system. The energy release is due to the magnetic fields on the Sun and how they interact. Using EUV/UV spectroscopy different layers of the solar atmosphere can be probed in order to understand the physical processes that occur. The EUV imaging spectrometer onboard the Hinode spacecraft has been operating for 13 years with an extensive datasets. The NASA IRIS mission was launched in 2013 and provides data in the UV. In 2020 the Solar Orbiter mission will be launched providing a third spectrometer probing the solar atmosphere. We will discuss future science goals in the coming years.

19/11/2020 - 12:30
Dr. Louise Harra
PMOD/WRC Davos, Switzerland