Status of Astronomy in East Africa

Activities of astronomy  in East Africa are driven the East African Astronomical Society (EAAS)  supported mainly by the IAU/OAD.  A positive trend in the development of astronomy  activities in the region is  characterised by the  inclusion of astronomy into the curriculum at all levels, construction of astronomy observatories and research centres (e.g. Entoto Observatory -first light last week), opening new MSc and PhD programs in Astronomy  starting September this year, etc. Despite this development, Astronomy research in the region is still at the infancy stage. The presentation will try  to give detailed information on the current status  of astronomy development in all aspects and show possible ways of collaboration as a tool to strengthen the Astronomy research in the region.



05/06/2014 - 14:30
Dr. Pheneas Nkundabakura
University of Rwanda