Unveiling the Massive Stars in the Galactic Centre


Because of the proximity, the Galactic Centre is an unique lab for studies of the interplay between stars, ISM and super massive black holes in galactic nuclei. The central 200 pc of the Galactic Centre includes 4x10^7 molecular clouds and has a star formation 
rate of ~0.03 M/yr. Three young, massive and compact star clusters were found and includes around 100 massive stars, which shape the nearby ISM. However, the massive stars beyond the clusters are still unknown. A complete census of these `field' massive stars have an important impact on our understanding of several fundamental astrophysical questions, such as 1) how molecular clouds form stars in this extreme environments, 2) initial massive function and 3) the stellar evolution models for massive stars in high metallicity environment. I will present our effort during these years to identify the massive stars in the Galactic Centre and study their properties and origin. Our results show that massive stars pervade the Galactic Centre and they partly form in situ and partly be ejected from the three clusters.
13/11/2014 - 13:30
Dr. Hui Dong