What can we learn from gamma-ray anisotropies?

Over the last two decades the study of angular anisotropies provided a huge amount of information, when used to analyze the Cosmic Microwave Radiation. The same approach can be extended also to higher energies, studying angular fluctuations in the gamma-ray emission. In this talk I will refer in particular to the data of the Fermi-LAT telescope that has recently presented its measurement of the angular power spectrum (APS) of anisotropies at energies from 1 GeV to 50 GeV. I will briefly review the theoretical predictions for the APS of different classes of sources, focusing, specifically, to a possible contribution from Dark Matter halos and subhalos and showing how the comparison with the Fermi-LAT data can in principle constraint the properties of the Dark Matter particle.

15/03/2012 - 13:00
Mattia Fornasa