X-ray properties of nearby luminous infrared galaxies

I present results of X-ray observations of a complete sample of luminous infrared galaxies (LIRGs) from the GOALS, a multi-wavelength project to study the most luminous IR-selected galaxies in the local Universe. X-ray imaging at an arc-second resolution obtained with the Chandra X-ray Observatory provides locations of an active nucleus, if present, and extended morphology of starburst-driven winds in those LIRGs. An inspection of their X-ray spectra gives the frequency of AGN detection of the sample is 36% and when combined with the mid-IR diagnostics, it goes up to ~50%. Multi-wavelength study on a few interesting individual objects in this sample, full of interacting/merger systems, will also be presented.

15/12/2011 - 13:00
Kazushi Iwasawa
ICREA, Barcelona